Get a free case evaluation if you were exposed to Roundup and developed NHL or one of its subtypes including:

  • B-lymphoblastic leukemia or lymphoma
  • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • Plasma cell myeloma or dyscrasia,
  • B-cell lymphoma or mantle cell lymphoma
  • Follicular lymphoma,
  • Lymphoblasic leukemia or lymphoma
  • Peripheral T-cell lymphoma
  • Anaplastic large T/null-cell lymphoma
  • Mycosis fungoides
  • NK Cell lymphoma or leukemia

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Why Join The Roundup Lawsuit?

Thousands of people have alleged that the manufacturer knowingly suppressed evidence that Roundup caused cancer. Three juries in 3 separate trials have all found that the manufacturer acted wrongfully, awarding billions in compensation. 

Bayer and Monsanto, the defendants in the case, have announced that they intend to settle Roundup cases for $10 Billion, awarding potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars to people who developed Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL) after repeated exposure to Roundup.  

To protect your right to compensation, contact us immediately and tell us about your case.  It's free and there's no obligation to join.

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We are Roundup lawyers handling cases nationwide.  We have successfully represented thousands of people, achieving record breaking verdicts and settlements in cases involving defective products and unsafe medical products and drugs.

We charge no fees unless we are successful in obtaining a settlement for you.

Why should I join this lawsuit?

You may be legally entitled to significant compensation without having to ever appear in court. If you had an amputation while taking Invokana, you should contact us for a free case evaluation. Call us now for a quick, free consultation.

We believe everyone should have access to justice so we do not charge any up front fees. We only get paid if you get paid. If we don't get you a settlement, we don't get paid.

What if I can't afford attorney's fees?

No. 99% of the cases that have settled so far have settled without any court appearance. Many people have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation and the total time they spent was probably less than half an hour (to get signed up and provide us with necessary information to get medical records and the proof we need.) We are available 24/7 to take your call and can tell you in just minutes if we think you qualify.

Will this take up a lot of my time?

We don’t charge you any fees until we win your case.

Do I have a case?

What if I can't afford attorney's fees?

Will this take up
a lot of my time?

There are legal deadlines approaching, so don’t delay. Receive a confidential and no-obligation case evaluation today, it can take as little as five minutes.

There are legal deadlines approaching, so don’t delay. Receive a confidential and no-obligation case evaluation today, it can take as little as five minutes.

About Me

My name is Bill Coats, and I'm an attorney who helps people with safety information that’s unique to their case throughout the U.S. I’ve been an attorney for over 20 years, and during that time, I’ve helped my clients reach legal settlements they couldn’t have without my help. Call today for your free case evaluation.

Copyright RecallSuit. Past results don't guarantee future results. By submitting a request for a free case evaluation, you agree that we may attempt to contact you using email, text, phone or recorded messaging. All information provided to us through this website is confidential and will never be sold or shared with anyone.  Attorney Advertising.  Past results do not guarantee future results.  $2 Billion dollar verdict obtained in Federal Court by other firms.

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The information we collect will only be used to evaluate your case. After you submit your information, we will attempt to contact you by phone or email if you have left your email address. At any time, you can request that we stop contacting you by emailing us at We do not sell, rent, or lease our customer lists to third parties. We do not share your information with anyone except for associated attorneys and after you have become a client, possibly doctors or nurses who help us to evaluate the medical aspects of your case.

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What We've Done

We provide nationwide legal representation to people harmed by pharmaceutical drugs. Our track record of multi-million dollar settlements
and verdicts for our clients was earned by work hard and caring for our clients.

  • Numerous settlements for clients in national lawsuits involving many unsafe drugs including birth control Ortho Evra, Vioxx, Avandia, Gadolinium, and Paxil birth defects.
  • $6 Million Settlement for a woman injured by an unsafe product.
  • $3.1 Million Settlement for man injured by defectively constructed deck railing.
  • $2.8 Million trial damage award for a woman who suffered brain injury in car accident.

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Were you or a loved one exposed to Roundup and develop Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma?  

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To receive your settlement you must not delay, or you may miss the statute of limitations (deadline) for your case.

We charge no fees unless we win. 

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Roundup Lawsuit: $10 Billion Settlement reported after $2 Billion Verdict*

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